Become a FlexSpot location

FlexSpot is a new concept. We connect nomadic workers with convenient and laid back locations to get work done. We are a start-up. And so we will happily test our concept with a selected few locations.

Stay in control

You will receive a fixed compensation for each guest checking in through FlexSpot. A gesture to compensate for the tea and coffee served. As you determine the daily capacity, you will never receive more guests than desired. And if you don't like FlexSpot? Then it is easy to cancel your membership directly online.

So do you want...

  • Welcome more guests?
  • Or alternatively have better control of the number of laptop workers?
  • Receive a fixed amount per FlexSpot guest?
  • Improve your brand awareness?
  • And increase your average revenue per guest?

Then do not hesitate and register for your free account and register your location. Questions? We will happily answer them! By phone, e-mail or during a visit to your location.