An introduction


In the past few month's I, Xander Groesbeek, tried working in low-profile, accessible and local places across my own city (Amsterdam) and around the world (SF, Tokyo, NYC, London). Something that proved difficult at times.

Social media show commercialized spots, the usual suspects tend to be overcrowded, and then there are those that don't really appreciate workers. Realizing this, led me to ideate around options to connect local, low-profile spots with those people looking for them. is the result.

For workers

FlexSpot allows nomadic workers to sign-up for a monthly subscription and work care-free (no "should I order something else" stress), with unlimited coffee & tea, within a community of like-minded people at any participating location. Because FlexSpot leverages existing locations, the monthly fee is attractively priced, compared to other cowork spaces.

For locations

At the supply side, FlexSpot generates traffic to those locations that could benefit from additional traffic. For every guest received via FlexSpot, the host receives a fixed fee to cover drinks ordered and WiFi provided.

What's next

I'll continue to work the technicalities of the platform. In the mean time I am eager to meet...

  • Guests
  • Hosts
  • Tech enthusiasts
  • Investors
  • A co-founder

...that recognize the challenge I am trying to address. I've got plenty of hypotheses to test to fine-tune the end product. Don't hesitate to connect!

Talk soon!

Xander Groesbeek

Xander Groesbeek